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Matemaattisen fysiikan seminaari ke 23.9. klo 14, Exactum D123, Romain Aimino (Università di Roma 'Tor Vergata'): "Annealed and quenched central limit theorem for random dynamical systems".

Zhou Luxi väittelee ti 29.9. klo 12 Exactumin auditoriossa CK112 aiheesta "Modelling aerosol formation and precursor gases in the boundary layer". Vastaväittäjänä on apulaisprofessori Laurens Ganzeveld (Universiteit Wageningen, Alankomaat), ja kustoksena on professori Markku Kulmala.

Työjärjestelyt perjantain mielenilmauksen aikana:
Perjantain mielenilmauksen vaikutukset matkustukseen:
Osa Unicafe-ravintoloista kiinni perjantaina mielenilmauksen vuoksi:
Kumpulassa vain Chemicumin Unicafe on avoinna.

Work arrangements during this Friday's demonstration:
Summary on the effects of the Friday strikes to travelling:
Many Unicafe restaurants will be closed on Friday. In Kumpula, only the Unicafe in Chemicum will be open.

On Thursday 17 September, at 14.00-15:30

ThinkCorner, Porthania, Yliopistonkatu 3

Professor Sergej Zilitinkevich lived and worked through the turmoil that defined the twentieth-century Russia: siege of Leningrad, prison camps and the fall of the Soviet Union. He was able to create an extraordinary scientific career contributing to environmental physics and atmospheric sciences. In 1990, professor Zilitinkevich left the Soviet Union and continued his successful academic work in Scandinavia and Germany. Today, he works at the Finnish Meteorological Institute and the University of Helsinki and holds the ERC Proof of Consept and Academy of Finland grants.

Welcome to the event during which professor Zilitinkevich tells about his inspiring life and scientific career. Opening words by Academy Professor Markku Kulmala (Atmospheric Sciences, University of Helsinki) and Professor, Director Markku Kivinen (Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki).

For more information, please see:

Please confirm your participation by filling in the registration by 15th September:

Everybody is most welcome!

For more information:

Iiris Virtasalo, Planning Officer, Aleksanteri Institute
Finnish Centre for Russian and Eastern European Studies
Mobile +358 50 441 8891 

Akatemiatutkija Simo Huotari nimettiin ensimmäisenä suomalaisena DESY:n fotonitieteiden neuvoa-antavaan komiteaan.

Saksan elektronisynkrotroni, DESY eli Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron, on maailman johtavia hiukkaskiihdytinkeskuksia. DESY:n fotonitieteiden keskus koordinoi maailman kirkkaimpia säteilylähteitä, joista suurimpia ovat Hampurissa sijaitsevat PETRA III -synkrotroni, niin sanottujen pehmeiden röntgensäteiden FLASH-vapaaelektronilaser, ja rakenteilla oleva European XFEL, suurenergisten röntgensäteiden vapaaelektronilaser.

Uutinen matemaattis-luonnontieteellisen tiedekunnan sivuilla:

Dear Researchers on Kumpula Campus,

Please find the latest information about funding opportunities and related trainings events below.

1. Research Services of the University: Coffee cart in Kumpula / Chemicum 21.9.2015 at 13 - 16

2. And Action Impact Clinic for Researchers starts again on 24.9.2015

3. How to Write a Competitive Proposal for Horizon 2020 – workshop on 30.10.2015

4. H2020 information: Draft Work Programmes for 2016 – 2017 are now available

5. The call for ERC Starting Grant is open, deadline on 17.11.2015.

6. Other interesting events

1. Research Services of the University: Coffee cart in Kumpula / Chemicum 21.9.2015 at 13 - 16
A coffee cart of the Research Services of the University and Helsinki Innovation Services Ltd (HIS) will visit Kumpula on Monday, September 21 between 1pm to 4pm. The cart can be found in the entrance hall of Chemicum. Coffee and information on the services provided by the Research Services, e.g. And Action Impact Clinic for Researchers, is available.

2. And Action Impact Clinic for Researchers starts again on 24.9.2015
How does your research improve the world? Turn your ideas into action and get funded! And Action Impact Clinic for Researchers starts again on September 24th.

And Action Impact Clinic is targeted to the researchers of all fields. Join the clinic and get personal guidance on impact for Horizon 2020, Tekes and Strategic Research Council funding proposals. Improve your proposals by boosting the societal benefits of your research. Get support from your peers and expert advice. Find the right instruments and tools to get backing for your projects.

In autumn 2015 the clinic will be held on the City Centre Campus of the University of Helsinki every second week on Thursday. For further information and registration, please see the clinic's website:

The people who benefit most from the clinic are post-docs and more senior researchers who do not have extensive experience from impact. You get the most out of the clinic when you have an idea for a research project but have not yet written your proposal. However, you are warmly welcome at any time!

The clinic is organized by the University of Helsinki Research Services with the support of Helsinki Innovation Services Ltd (HIS).

For further information, please contact

3. How to Write a Competitive Proposal for Horizon 2020 – workshop on 30.10.2015
The Research Funding Services, together with Hyperion Ltd, organizes this half-day course with the aim of training researchers, research managers and research support services in writing professional and competitive proposals for the Horizon 2020. The course describes the relevance of Horizon 2020 to EU policies, the common problems in proposal writing and the success criteria for proposals. The course provides tips on how to collect information, how to select strategic partners and how to avoid duplication in proposal writing.

Course presenter: Sean McCarthy
Place: Porthania (Yliopistonkatu 3), PIV (Suomen laki-sali), ground floor
Date: October 30, 2015, 9.00-12.30

More information on this event and a link for registration can be found in Flamma .

4. H2020 information: Draft Work Programmes for 2016 – 2017 are now available

·         The European Commission has published the draft versions of the Horizon 2020 work programmes for 2016-2017. They can be found at . The adoption and the publication of the work programme by the Commission are expected in mid-October 2015. Only the adopted work programme will have legal value

·         Currently open calls can be found at the EU’s Research & Innovation Participant Portal at > Funding opportunities

·         If you are planning to apply Horizon 2020 (incl. ERC) funding, please first familiarize yourself with the University's guidance available in Flamma at

·         Do also remember to register as a scientific expert to European Commission, if you have not done that already. As an expert / evaluator you will gain truly valuable information about EU's research funding, project building and what is needed for an excellent, competitive H2020 proposal (plus fees and reimbursements). More information:

5. The call for ERC Starting Grant is open, deadline on 17.11.2015.
ERC Starting Grants are designed to support excellent Principal Investigators at the career stage at which they are starting their own independent research team or programme. Applicant Principal Investigators must demonstrate the ground-breaking nature, ambition and feasibility of their scientific proposal. The Principal Investigator shall have been awarded their first PhD at least 2 and up to 7 years prior to 1 January 2016. The effective elapsed time since the award of the first PhD can be reduced in certain properly documented circumstances.

For more information:

If you plan on applying and have not been in contact with us at Research Funding Services, please do so as soon as possible, as we will have a series of meetings during the fall to facilitate your application process.

6. Other interesting events

·         Pop Science BIG DATA event

WHEN: 7.10.2015 at 16.00-18.00
WHERE: Helsinki Think Company, Vuorikatu 5, Helsinki

Big data is everywhere and different ways to capture, collect, analyse and share it offer us big opportunities now and in the future. What kind of opportunities? What does big data mean for the health sector or the city of Helsinki? What has been done and what can happen in the future?

Pop Science brings representatives from research, companies and organizations to discuss about big data. Come and join the discussion!

Register at:

·         V Kansallinen turvallisuustutkimuksen seminaari 20.10.2015


20.10. järjestetään V Kansallinen turvallisuustutkimuksen seminaari - Turvallisuus polarisoituvassa maailmassa. Seminaarin ohjelma löytyy osoitteesta: ja ilmoittautumislinkki: Ilmoittautumisten deadline on 5.10.2015 ja paikkoja on rajallinen määrä.

Viidennessä Kansallisessa turvallisuustutkimuksen seminaarissa käsitellään turvallisuutta polarisaation eri näkökulmista - esimerkiksi maantieteellisestä, taloudellisesta, sosiaalisesta, kulttuurisesta, poliittisesta ja ideologisesta. Turvallisuustutkimusta tarkastellaan sekä uhkien että mahdollisuuksien näkökulmasta, huomioiden nykytilanne sekä tulevaisuuden ennakointitarpeet. Seminaaripäivä rakentuu näiden aiheiden paneelikeskustelujen ja avainpuheenvuorojen ympärille. Seminaaripäivän tavoitteena on saattaa yhteen tutkimusorganisaatioiden ja valtionhallinnon toimijoita ja tarkastella tutkimusta tiedon ja päätöksenteon näkökulmista.

Tavoitteena on saada päivään hedelmällistä keskustelua, vuorovaikutusta tutkimus- ja valtionhallinnon toimijoiden välille ja kehittää eteenpäin tutkimustiedon tarvitsijoiden ja tutkimustiedon tuottajien yhteistyötä. Hyödynnämme päivässä myös viestiseinää kommentointiin ja ideointiin.

Seminaariin toivotaan erityisesti myös tutkimusjohtajien, professorien ja sellaisten toimijoiden osallistumista, joilla on mahdollisuutta viedä turvallisuustutkimusta - ja hankkeita eteenpäin organisaatioissaan. Samoin myös tutkimustiedon tarvitsijoita, jotka ovat avainasemassa tutkimustarpeita ja -ongelmia määritettäessä.

Kind regards,

Ulrika Backman & Satu Väisänen

*          *          *          *         

Dr. Ulrika Backman

Senior Advisor

University of Helsinki
Research Funding Services, Kumpula Campus
Exactum, room D119

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