Social partnership and the alumni

fysiikan laitosta etuoven suunnalta

The Department of Physics takes an interest not only in making top-rated scientific research, but also in its application to the benefit of the society, as a part of the national innovation system.

The Department maintains extensive contacts to a wide range of social partners, such as the alumni, the government and public decision makers, regional actors at home and abroad, the Finnish sector research institutes and research sponsors, the private sector, the third sector, University patrons, and the civic society.

The Department encourages all its members to popularize their scientific work, and to participate in the public discourse. An example of that is the public discussion on climate change and environmental matters.

The Helsinki University alumni form the largest academic community in Finland.

The Department of Physics takes a special interest in its own alumni. By registering to the University's alumni network, you will receive information about current research in your own field, as well as of events of interest at the Department and the University. You can also maintain contacts to your former fellow students.

The Department arranges updating education for its alumni. At the University level, the Open University and Palmenia give many kinds of continuing training. Part of the Career services of the University are also available to the alumni.

The alumni are also welcome to the many kinds of events, which are all the time arranged at the University.