Department of Physics


fysiikan laitosta etuoven suunnalta

The Department of Physics is one of the largest departments in the University of Helsinki, and the largest of its kind in Finland. The Department has 30 professors, and the total amount of man-years is about 330.

The history of the Department is largely the same as the history of physical sciences in Finland.

When the Department’s interaction with the society at large is considered, the physics alumni are in an important position. The same is true when the social relevance of the teaching and the research are assessed.

Top Research

The Department’s research and research-based teaching are at an internationally high level, nationally important and increase the society’s intellectual and economic well-being.

The range of subjects in the curriculumn

The Department’s teaching includes the following physical sciences: physics, theoretical physics, geophysics, meteorology, and astronomy. Teaching in Swedish and in English are natural parts of the Department’s activities. Also the training of physics teachers is a part of the Department’s curriculumn.
Information to prospective students