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The department of Physics offers studies in three languages: Finnish, Swedish and English.

While the undergraduate studies (up to BSc) are mostly provided in Finnish or Swedish, the majority of the advanced studies (MSc and PhD) are offered in English.

We welcome international students interested in pursuing physics studies closely linked to a strong research environment at a very highly ranked department and university!

The enrolment for international students is possible via four different avenues:

  • * Students with a BSc in physics can apply to be a regular MSc student at our department via the international admissions system of the University of Helsinki.
  • * Students with a BSc in physics or other suitable field can apply to be a member of one of our topic-specific international Master's degree programmes, Atmosphere-Biosphere Studies (ABS) and MoMoNano.
  • * Exchange students can apply for 1/2 - 1 year visiting student status.
  • * Students with an MSc in physics or related field can apply for a paid graduate student position in any of our research groups. If hired, they will take up to 60 credits of our postgraduate level courses.