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Speaker instructions

The duration of the oral presentation should be 12 minutes, which leaves 3 minutes for questions at the end. Please ensure that you are able to keep within the given time limit. Prepare your talk in advance using presentation software; the on-site computers will have Microsoft PowerPoint installed and a PDF reader (Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar). To guarantee a successful presentation, we recommend making a PDF copy of your PowerPoint presentation with fonts embedded and to bring both versions with you on a memory stick. Bring your presentation to the presentation room well in advance and upload it to the presentation computer. There will be on-site technical help available. Please connect your session chair before your session starts.

Poster presenter instructions

There will be two poster sessions. The presenters of the first session are asked to remove their posters at the end of their session to allow the presenters of the second session to set up their own posters. The maximum poster size is A0 (portrait orientation); the poster boards are somewhat larger (115 cm x 145 cm) allowing for some deviation from the ISO A standard.

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