International Symposium on Seasonal Snow and Ice 2012

28 May - 1 June, 2012 Lahti, Finland


Scientific programme

Preliminary programme is now online.

Scientific topics

Topics include, but are not limited to:

1. Observations of temporal changes of seasonal snow and ice cover
  • Snow and ice phenology
  • In situ observations
  • Mathematical modelling techniques
2. Physical, chemical and biological processes of seasonal snow and ice
  • Snow metamorphosis
  • Snow structure models
  • The effect of snow quality on the biosphere
3. Micro-dynamics of ice
  • Analysis, modelling and interpretation of ice and snow microstructures
  • Linking microstructures to geophysical signals
4. Seasonal sea-ice dynamics and the impact of seasonal sea ice on the ocean
  • Scaling of ice dynamics
  • Mathematical models
  • Ice ridges
  • The oceanic boundary layer under sea ice
5. Frozen ground and permafrost
  • Observations
  • Theoretical advances and modelling
6. Lake ice and river ice
  • Ecology of frozen lakes
  • River ice models
  • Estuaries
7. Ecological impact of snow cover and snow quality
8. Remote sensing techniques applied to seasonal snow and ice
  • Sea and lake ice
  • Snow mapping technology
9. Theoretical and numerical advances in modelling seasonal snow and ice
  • Coupling of cryosphere models with regional climate models
  • Intercomparison of cryosphere and regional climate models.
10. Projections and forecasts of seasonal snow and ice in a changing climate
  • Downscaling methods
  • Evaluations