Solid Earth geophysics research laboratory

Solid earth lab

Solid Earth geophysics research laboratory at the Department of Physics, University of Helsinki is located at the Kumpula Campus in Helsinki, Finland. The research topics include paleomagnetism, rock magnetism, petrophysics, environmental magnetism and extraterrestrial material properties.

Contact:Thomas Kohout (tomas.kohout (at)
Telephone: +358 9 191 51019
Room: BK 102


2G Model 755 DC SQUID Superconducting
Rock Magnetometer with 2G Model 600 AF
demagnetizer (310 mT)
AGICO JR-6A spinner magnetometer
ASC Model TD48-SC thermal demagnetizer
(800°C in vacuum or controlled
AGICO LDA-3A AF demagnetizer (100 mT)
with AMU-1A ARM magnetizer (500 uT)
AGICO KLY-3S kappabridge
(875 Hz, 300 A/m rms) with CS-L and CS-3
low and high temperature units (-190°C – +800°C)
and AMS spinner (2x10-8 SI)
MMPM 10 pulse magnetizer (9 T)
AGICO PUM-1 pulse magnetizer (200 mT)
Quantachrome Ultrapyc 1200e pycnometer
(grain volume measurement)
Ultrasonic vp and vs measurement under
variable pressure and temperature
Risto 5 petrophysics set with: density,
magnetic susceptibility
(1025 Hz, 48 A/m rms), magnetic remanence,
and electric conductivity units
Princeton Measurements Model 3900
Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (1.2 T)
ZH instruments SM100/105 multifrequency
susceptibility meter
(0.063 – 512 kHz, 10 – 320 A/m rms)