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Physics Days 2011, Helsinki – Fysiikan päivät 2011 Helsingissä

The 45th annual meeting of the Finnish Physical Society

The second Nordic physics meeting

"Sharing methods, exchanging ideas"

Time: 29.–31.3.2011
Place: Helsinki, Katajanokka, Scandic Marina Congress Center, Katajanokanlaituri 6, 00160 Helsinki
Organizers: Finnish Physical Society, Department of Physics, University of Helsinki

Physics Days 2011 is both the annual meeting of the Finnish Physical Society and a joint meeting of the physical Societies of Nordic Countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Estonia).

To induce communication between different disciplines of physics, new session division philosophy is introduced this year. There will be five parallel sessions mostly grouped according to the scales of the phenomena they are dealing with:

   1. Sub-atomic scales
   2. Atomic, molecular and nanoscale
   3. Micron / continuum scale
   4. Large scale
   5. Special session: Educational physics

A panel discussion on Large Research Infrastructures will take place on Tue 29.3.2011 from 17:00 to 18:00 in order to exchange views on the Nordic interests in these facilities and review the decision-making strategies in the Nordic countries.

The physical societies involved in the organization of the conference are: Danish Physical Society, Finnish Physical Society, Icelandic Physical Society, Norwegian Physical Society, Swedish Physical Society, and Estonian Physical Society.

Physics Days 2010 was held in Jyväskylä
The first Nordic meeting was held in Denmark:

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